One Party, One Bear!

Thanks for the fantastic party!

First things first.. Thank you all for coming! This was an amazing Release Party and we couldn’t have hoped to celebrate it better than with you bunch! We have indeed drunk, danced, chatted and named the GoingOutAt bear (..mostly responsibly 😉 )! Also, thanks to Club Berlin for hosting us so hospitably.

For better or worse it also seems that none of you used our App to escape the party for a better event closeby.. (Thank you?) Now, we hope you all had as much fun as we did! We look forward to seeing you all again on more parties, dance events, theatre plays or even some festival.

Great, but what is the bears name?

Throughout the party we received all of your name suggestions for the GoingOutAt Bear (yes, it’s the one that’s getting a bit tipsy in the picture on top) and collected them anonymously in out little suggestions box.

After getting all these amazing name suggestions from you we decided to call the bear…. *drum roll* … POGI – The Party Bear!

We do of course include many more events in our App other than Parties, but Pogi (which is apparently also the filipino word for “handsome”) loves going out at parties 😉 and is indeed quite handsome – if we may say so ourselves! So, thanks very much to the person who gave the suggestion.

What’s next on the world of event search?

We’re always working on improving the App to make your event search in Vienna as easy as possible. This time too, we took in all your feedback and you can expect more events and types of events in the future, more locations, and a easy to use App that shall keep its simple-to-use charm. Stay tuned for more updates and as always..

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