Super Bowl 2019 in Vienna

The Super Bowl is becoming increasingly popular in Vienna. Pretty good that it’s already coming up on the 3rd February then! But where to watch it? Who to watch it with?

For those who want to join a crowd of other Super Bowl enthusiasts and have a fun night, we’ve got a few ideas right here:

Super Bowl Night 2019 @ Arcotel

Super Bowl 2019 Vienna

Arcotel Wimberger will already be starting it’s Super Bowl night at 9.30pm. Microsoft X-Box stations, a cheerleader show and live music await you! Apart from that you’ll of course be able to watch the game on a “high-definition mega-screen” and several flat-screen TVs positioned throughout the room. Furthermore, American fast food, an authentic US flair and an All You Can Eat Buffet are part of the deal. Get your ticket now →

The Big Game 2019 @ Hard Rock Cafe Wien

Super Bowl 2019 Vienna

Hard Rock Cafe Wien has one goal during this years Super Bowl. That is to create an authentic American experience. As a result you’ll be provided with “American Football” Snacks, Fingerfood, a buffet, Hot Dogs, Burgers and Bud Beer!

While the party lasts until 6am, everyone lasting long enough will even be rewarded with a lovely American breakfast at 4am. Follow the link to reserve a spot →

Die Puls 4 Super Bowl Party @Erste Bank Arena

Super Bowl 2019 Vienna

According to their own information the Puls 4 Super Bowl Party is the biggest Super Bowl Party in all of Europe. What’s more, it promises 6 massive “Videowalls”, an All-you-can-eat-and-drink-special and live music! Check it out here →

VIEiPPEE Superbowl Party @1o1

Super Bowl 2019 Vienna

Lasts but not least on our list is this years VIEiPEE Super Bowl Vienna Party. Join the 1o1 Family for this years Superbowl live from the ATL! Apart from screens you’ll also be provided with the mandatory Buffalo Wings, Gold Wings, Truffle Fries & Tacos = “ALL YOU NEED”! Reservations →

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